Saturday, June 27, 2015

Autumn Embroidery Progress Part 3

I've managed to sneak in some embroidery time this week and now the center section of the pumpkin is finished.  I really enjoyed stitching the vine, and I'm so happy I added the beads to the little berries.

Each of the little berries is a french knot with one of these little beads added to the center. Love love beads and am having to exercise lots of self control not to add about 100 more all over the project.  LOL!  But in this case, 21 beads really seems perfect so I'm going to leave it alone and move on to the next section, the acorns and oak leaves.

Love love love doing these sweet stitches!

Talk to you later!

PS.  Pattern is Autumn's Harvest Pumpkin by Crabapple Hill Studio worked with DMC 6 strand floss.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June Bee Blocks!

Coast to Coast Quilting Bee members made X Plus blocks for our hostess Shawn.  These blocks are very scrappy!  I love the RED plus signs in the center. My lovely Daughter and I got together this morning and knocked out our blocks in short order. 

The blocks are a lot of fun to make, simple, too!  It's a good thing we enjoyed them so much since a little birdie told me Coast to Coast Quilters will be making more of them in July!

Happy Stitching!

PS. Tutorial for these blocks by Badskirt Amy can be found HERE.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Autumn Embroidery Progress, Part 2

Do you ever think about doing something so hard and for so long you'd swear with 110% certainty that you did it?  If you answered yes, then you'll understand my bewilderment when I plugged the camera into the computer this morning to download the photos of my embroidery project and discovered nothing there.  Nada, zippo, zilch!  The memory card was empty!  Had a good laugh at myself, which isn't a bad way to start a Tuesday.

The word section of the pumpkin is finished now, and I'm working on the vine in the center section. 

The vine has little buds on it, and I think I need to pay a visit to the needlework shop for some pretty red beads to form the buds.  

It's been awfully busy around here lately, and not sewing busy.  Never even walked in the sewing room last week, which is rather sad.  Hoping to get in there this afternoon for a bit.  I have a great longing to play in my scraps today!

Hope you're squeezing out some sewing time, too!


PS.  Pattern is Autumn's Harvest Pumpkin by Crabapple Hill Studio